Power Platform 法律信息

Power Platform Legal Information

由世纪互联运营的 Microsoft Power BI、Power Apps 和 Power Automate(“Power Platform”)

本页面供您方便地查看您在购买和使用由世纪互联运营的 Microsoft Power BI、Microsoft Power Apps 和 Microsoft Power Automate(统称“Power Platform”)时应遵守的条款和规定。附加服务、软件和内容,包括预览版和试用版,将受未在下文所述的附加条款或其他条款的约束。


关于您所订购的特定 Power Platform 服务(包括测试版、试用版或其他受限版本)的功能和定价详情在 Power Platform 服务内容描述中均有解释


您对 Power Platform 服务的使用受所获取服务的协议条款和条件的约束。

•    如果您是通过网站购买服务,您对 Power Platform 和其他在线服务的使用受世纪互联在线服务标准协议的约束。

•    如果您是通过销售团队购买服务,您对 Power Platform 和其他在线服务的使用受世纪互联在线服务高级协议(销售联系人可以提供)的约束。





服务级别协议 (SLA) 描述了针对 Power Platform 的运行时间和连接性的承诺。服务级别协议对预览版、试用版或其他预发布版本的服务不适用。


世纪互联隐私声明描述了约束您使用 Power Platform 和其他世纪互联在线服务的隐私政策和实践。


信任中心为使用 Power Platform 和其他世纪互联在线服务的客户提供了有关安全、隐私和合规性主题的信息。



Microsoft Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate (“Power Platform”) operated by 21Vianet

This page is provided for your convenience as an overview of the terms and conditions that govern the purchase of subscriptions to Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Power Apps, and Microsoft Power Automate (collectively “Power Platform”) operated by 21Vianet. Ancillary services, software, and content, including preview and trial releases, may be governed by additional or different terms not listed below.

Offer Details

Details of the particular Power Platform service features and pricing for the subscription you purchase (including beta, trial, or other limited offerings) are explained in the Power Platform Service Description.

Services Agreement

Your use of Power Platform is governed by the terms and conditions of the agreement under which you obtained the services. All services agreements incorporate the Online Services Terms and include the Acceptable Use Policy.

•    For customers who purchased through a sales team, use of Power Platform and other Online Services is governed by the 21Vianet the 21Vianet Online Services Premium Agreement (available from your sales contact).

If you are uncertain or have other questions, please contact 21Vianet support.

Online Services Terms

All services agreements incorporate the Online Services Terms and include the Acceptable Use Policy.

Service Level Agreements

The Service Level Agreements (SLAs) describe commitments around uptime and connectivity for Power Platform. SLAs are not available for services in preview, trial, or other pre-release offerings.

Privacy Statement

The 21Vianet Privacy Statement describes the privacy policy and practices that govern your use of Power Platform and other 21Vianet Online Services.

Trust Center

The Trust Center provides information on security, privacy, and compliance topics for customers of Power Platform and other 21Vianet Online Services.

Acceptable Use Policy

You may find a list of prohibited uses of the services in the Acceptable Use Policy contained within the The Online Service Terms.